Special Offerings: Yuma UCC supports the Yuma Food Bank, Crossroads Mission; Casa Del Migrante Migrant Center in San Luis, Mexico, and Immigration Hospitality Ministry when women and children are dropped off locally after being detained. Each would appreciate your prayers, financial gifts, labors of lm e. or donations.

Please mark your giving envelope if in addition to your support of the Yuma UCC ministry you will be giving a special offering to any of those above. Yuma UCC thanks you in advance for giving your time, talent. and finances to support the Yuma UCC vision and active mission.

Sunday, July 3, 2016 Communion Sunday and Common Union Meal. Everyone is welcome at the table of grace. Bring your favorite potluck dish for sharing during the fellowship meal after the worship service.

Thank You Celebration. Reverend Bonnie will be hosting a “thank you celebration” at some time during the month of July for all the hard work you have done helping with her ordination. Stay tuned for updated information as it becomes available.

Spring/Summer Attire: Casual. Enjoy the spring/summer and stay cool.

Child’s Table & Chairs in Worship Space. There is a child’s table and chairs in the worship space. This allows those who want their children to be present in worship to have that opportunity.

Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations. Please see Erica Messer so she can update the birthday and anniversary lists. Erica will be facilitating a monthly celebration. The celebration will be after worship the last Sunday of the month, in which we honor the important dates in our lives. Thank you Erica.